A Friend To His Mom.


Laura was a beautiful women in her mid 40's ,After her painful separation from her husband, she felt a burning desire to regain her independence and rediscover her joy. However, the thought of diving into the dating scene alone filled her with overwhelming anxiety.

One evening, as Laura sat pondering her predicament, she glanced over at her son George, a quiet and compassionate young man. An audacious idea crept into her mind, born out of desperation and longing for companionship. She took a deep breath and approached George, hoping he would understand.

"George," Laura began, her voice tinged with apprehension, "I have something to ask you. It might seem strange, but please hear me out."

George looked up from his book, his curiosity piqued by his mother's serious tone. "What is it, Mum?" he asked, studying her face.

Laura hesitated for a moment, gathering her thoughts. "I want to get back on the dating scene, but I'm scared to do it alone," she admitted, her voice trembling. "So, I was wondering if you could...change yourself into a woman around my age, just for tonight,with the magic spell that I found online. I need a friend to go with me to the club."

George's eyes widened in surprise, not expecting such a peculiar request from his mother. Confusion and concern danced across his face. "Mum, that's...that's a huge thing to ask. I'm not sure about this," he replied, unsure of how to respond.

Laura sighed, realizing the enormity of her request. She reached out to hold George's hand, her eyes filled with both desperation and hope. "George, I understand it's a lot to ask. But I feel lost, and I just need someone to support me, to be my friend. Please, consider it."

George mulled over his mother's words, torn between his own reservations and his love for her. Sensing his reluctance, Laura offered an incentive that might sway his decision. "George, if you agree to do this, I'll give you some money, and...I'll let you try alcohol for the first time. Just this once, I promise."

George's eyes widened even further at the mention of money and the tantalizing opportunity to taste alcohol. The temptation was strong, but he still felt uneasy about the whole idea. After a moment of internal struggle, he gave a hesitant nod. "Alright, Mum, I'll do it. But only because I want to support you. And you have to promise that we'll change back as soon as the night is over."

Laura's heart swelled with gratitude mixed with a tinge of guilt. She hugged her son tightly, whispering words of appreciation. "Thank you, George. I promise, as soon as the night is over, we'll change back." Little did they both knew what was gonna happen tonight would change their lives drastically.

And so, with a mix of trepidation and curiosity, George transformed himself into a woman in her mid-40s, mirroring his mother's appearance,not technically her twin but he became a woman with similar style and body features as his mum. Together, they ventured into the vibrant world of the club, immersed in pulsating music and dazzling lights.

At first, George felt self-conscious, awkward in his transformed state. Laura, on the other hand, embraced the chance to let loose, casting her worries aside. As the night progressed, something unexpected happened. George began to settle into his new role, finding a sense of liberation and confidence he hadn't anticipated.

As the night progressed at the lively club, the atmosphere grew more vibrant and intoxicating. Drinks continued to flow generously for Laura and George, much to the son's delight and growing inebriation. The alcohol, unfamiliar to George's system, blurred his senses and left him feeling light-headed and carefree.

While Laura danced with the charming man she had met earlier, a surge of excitement coursing through her veins, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that she had lost sight of her son. A tinge of worry laced her enjoyment, urging her to keep an eye out for George amidst the pulsating crowd.

Moments later, as Laura glanced around, a flicker of movement caught her attention. Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed George entering the restroom accompanied by a rather handsome man. Confusion mingled with concern, giving rise to a range of emotions within her.

Laura approached the restroom cautiously, the loud music fading into the background as her focus zeroed in on her son's well-being. As she neared the entrance, a mix of apprehension and curiosity swirled in her mind.

She positioned herself nearby, waiting anxiously for George to emerge. Minutes passed, feeling like an eternity, as thoughts raced through Laura's head. What was happening inside? Should she intervene? The desire to protect her son warred with the respect for his privacy. She slightly opened the door and started to peak inside through the gap. What she was out of the world.

Her son George was getting pounded hard from behind by the handsome hunk he met few minutes ago, the alcohol had turned him into a horny milf. And here he was losing his virginity but now as a female. Laura quickly forcefully opened the door and just then the man let out his warm load into George's new pussy. George was feeling out of the world. Laura started scolding George and took him with her back home.

"Young man you are gonna be grounded for a week because of all this mess you made at the club,you even spoiled my date," said Laura in an aggressive manner.

Once they reached back home, Laura quickly recited the reversal spell but to her surprise nothing happened. She quickly went onto the website where she found the spell and started reading the terms and conditions of the spells and the very first condition was that 'the person on whom the spell is casted upon should not have sex'.

Laura was now regretting the moment she decided to use the spell.

George on the other hand was accepting all the situation very well, I mean why wouldn't he ,he was now a total milf. He now went with the name Georgia and he lived with his mother as her distant cousin sister. Every man in the neighbourhood tried to get into his pants. But his joy was short lived once he found out that he was now pregnant and he was soon gonna give birth to a baby. He was not that nervous or sad but quite excited to be a mother.

Laura on the other hand had no choice but to accept this situation and decided to help her son now her sister Georgia to go through her pregnancy. Surely the mother son bond had evolved into a different bond.

Few days later Laura also started seeing the man she met at the club once again.

Georgia was happy for her sister.



Just as Samuel (18)opened the door to enter his house,he was shocked after seeing his long time Crush Lily(18) topless in his house sitting on the couch.

He was utterly confused as Lily was one of the most beautiful girl from his college and now she was half naked in his house.
Samuel went up to her slowly and said ,"Hi, Lily what are you doing here that too naked in my house". 

"Dumbass, how the fuck would a girl who didn't even see at you in college be at your home, It's me dude ,Noah" ,Said Noah (18) in Lily's beautiful form.

"Wait what the fuck what are even saying", said Samuel freaking out even more.

"Dude it's amazing isn't it, I just turned 18 last week and now I have got the ability to change myself into any person I think of. You see there's a ability which all of my male members in the family have and that is of shapeshifting which gets activated after the person turns 18 years old",Said Noah.

"Bro this is all too much info at once, and why did you even decide to transform into Lily?" Said Samuel.

"Man I know how you have always had a lifetime crush on Lily, I mean why wouldn't you,she is literally the hottest girl in our college, I am here to fool around with you know what I mean." said Noah feeling one of the breasts of Lily.

"Wait you are kidding right?!!"Said Samuel in utter shock. 

"No Samuel baby I am already getting ready here for you come here and squeeze my beautiful boobs" said Noah in a seductive tone.

Samuel was no way gonna miss this chance. He slowly started going towards Lily(Noah) and took a hold of one of the breasts and pinched his nipple and started sucking on them . 

Noah was getting turned on by all of this,he had always been gay but couldn't tell it to Samuel as he had the constant fear of losing his best friend but now with his ability to shapeshift he can be anyone he wants. Noah was getting wet down there, his one down towards his already wet clit and he started rubbing it vigorously. 

"Looks like you are horny as hell, ready to lose your virginity now?" Said Samuel.

"Hell yeah, give it to me baby," said Noah in a state of arousal. 
Samuel wasted no time and removed his pants and stood with his penis in front of Lily's lips. 

"If you want me to fuck you,you gotta give me a blowjob first." Said Samuel.
Noah quickly moved towards Samuel's dick and started sucking on it as he used to see in the porn. Samuel was literally in heaven because of the head he was getting.

"Alright enough fooling around now let's get to the main course" said Samuel while making lily sleep on the couch in missionary position.

Just as Samuel entered the wet velvety folds of Lily,he knew the relationship between him and Noah would never be the same from now onwards.

Noah on the other hand was getting the memories of Lily with each thrust which Samuel made. Getting Memories of the person he shapeshifted into was one of the abilities Noah got along with shapeshifting.

They both knew they were gonna have lots of adventures from now on, either in their bedroom or on their vacations.
Maybe oneday Noah would tell about his true feelings to Samuel and they might even get married and end up living as husband and wife .

'Being close' to 'Being each other'


Ryan and his mother, Maria, had always been close. They shared everything, from their favorite books to their favorite foods. One day, as Ryan was rubbing one off while watching porn and just as he was about to cum, his mother came in the room to call him downstairs for dinner, but just then the FOSE passed the earth and both Ryan and Maria got shifted into each other's bodies. 

They knew people would think that they were in an incestuous relationship, so they decided to keep the swap a secret and pretend to be each other until the scientists found a solution to switch back. Luckily, Ryan's father was on a business trip for a few days

Maria, who was now in Ryan's body, decided to go to school in place of Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan, who was now in his mother's body, was having it difficult to put on his undergarments, wearing her undergarments meant that he also had to see her naked body, which obviously Ryan never wanted to see.

Ryan was having a tough time adapting to the role of his mom. Also, he had his little sister, who used to always give trouble to Mom and now she was troubling Ryan. whereas Maria was having so much fun being a teenager again.

One day, while showering, his hands went down towards the very place where he came into this world. Just as he touched it, a sense of pleasure ran throughout his body. Until now, he had realized that he was never going to switch back.  So he decided to accept this body as his own now, which also included pleasuring himself. He inserted his fingers slowly into his velvety folds and gasped immediately. After a few minutes, he had one of the best orgasms he ever had. He was now thinking of how his father's rather his husband's, huge dick would feel in his pussy. What Ryan didn't know was that with every orgasm he experienced, he was getting some of the memories of his mother, Maria. 

After a few days, Ryan's father, Michael, came back from the trip, Ryan heard the doorbell ring while he was sitting on the couch with one hand down to his vagina and one hand fondling his tits. Ryan quickly re-adjusted the bra and panty, put on the robe he was wearing, and walked excitedly towards the door. Ryan opened the door and Michael was out there smirking as he thought his wife was in the mood. He gently closed the gap between them, "Looks like my wife is in a playful mood today, Shall we take it to the bedroom then Sweetheart" said Michael while passionately planting a kiss on Ryan's lips.

Michael gently removed the robe Ryan was wearing and marveled at Maria's lingerie. He unclasped his bra and started playing with his sensitive nipples. Ryan quickly slid his hands in Michael's pants and started giving him a handjob. Michael gently removed Ryan's panty. And started thrusting his dick in his wife's pussy. 

With each thrust, Ryan felt a pleasureful pain and let out a soft moan. Few minutes later, Michael came deep into Ryan's pussy. Ryan's pussy was aching for a second go. He was actually going to like being his mother from now on.

Harder Baby


I shouldn’t have accepted the beer, but when Uncle Tom offered me some, I wanted to make him feel better, have some fun and get over the fact that Aunt Debra had left him.

Little did I know he had already gotten over the fact his wife had left him by deciding to make himself a new one with some weird chemicals he’d stolen from work.

Which is why I’m officially a missing person, whilst my new identity is my Uncles new wife. We’ve moved to a house a state away from my old home and are currently christening of kitchen along with the rest of the house.

“Are you done back there?”

“Whats that?”


“That’s what i thought.”

Just Helping


Noah, do you even fucking understand what you have done. Bro you just literally had sex with my DAD. How could you even do that man? And why the fuck are you naked! I am not a psycho to see my mom naked lying in her bed. It was my mistake that I asked for your help, said Arthur. 

C'mon man chill. And you better start calling me Mom cause I am never ever going to leave this awesome body of Mrs. Clarke. I mean how could I ever leave this beautiful milf body. I wasn't the one who fired a fucking costume gun at your mom and made her into a skinsuit. Arthur you were the one who did it and was scared as fuck as to what will happen now. I am just helping you out here. 

It was all my fault, I was so dumb to ask you to help me. Please can you now leave my mom's body? I have figured out a way to convert the skinsuit back into the real body, Said Arthur pleading to Noah. 

Bro are you kidding me, I would never even think of leaving Mrs. Clarke's voluptuous body. 

Noah please you need to understand that's my mom and besides don't you have a life of your own? 

Huh you mean my old rusty life, I was literally born as an orphan and was raised by my foster parents who literally treated me like trash. They wouldn't even file a police complaint even if I go missing or even if I end up dying they won't give a fuck. Why would I go back to living such a lowly life. I am better off being a trophy wife to Mr. Clarke. 

Besides the sex I had last night was literally heaven on earth, and how could I even forget the massive cock of Mr. Clarke, oops I meant my darling husband's cock. And you better start referring to me as mom, my dear son.

Now my dear son will you please leave my room, your mom needs to have some time for herself. 

All Arthur could do was listen to what Noah was saying. He had no choice but to pretend to be a son to his best friend, probably his mom now. 

Summer Vacations

Greg couldn’t understand why his girlfriend, Natalie, had become so sex crazy. One minute they’re making passionate love and the other, she flips him over and begins riding him like a nymphomaniac. She’s grunting and moaning as if she had never had sex before. What is happening?

What Greg didn’t know was that a student of Natalie’s middle school class, Alex, had gotten his hands on a magic spell. He wanted to swap bodies with his teacher in order to change his failing grade to avoid summer school.

Now, the only thing Alex wants to do this summer is ride Greg’s cock.

Natalie on the other hand was shocked when she suddenly found herself in Alex's much younger body. She tried confronting Alex but much to her dismay Alex just said that they will swap back after the summer vacations were over. Natalie had no choice but to listen to Alex and wait for the vacation to get over.  

After the summer vacations were over Alex tried using the magic spell again but nothing happened both Alex and Natalie were shocked. Unfortunately for Natalie cumming after swapping bodies made them stuck as each other. All the summer vacation all Alex did was getting Greg to cum inside him. 

Years later both Alex and Natalie had adopted well to their new life's. Alex had now married Greg and was soon expecting a baby. Natalie on the other hand was now an university topper and had managed to get into a relationship with Alex's long time crush Stacy.



Its been a week since the FOSE caused Vanessa (45) to switch bodies with her Friend’s 18 year-old son, Greg. She knew it was kinda wrong because it was her friend’s son but she couldn’t help herself fantasizing about him.

One minute she was fingering herself about to climax, next, she was in some teenage boy’s room. Since the body swap Vanessa had a lot of explaining to do. Not just to her friend and the son but also to her 18 year-old daughter, who she was now the same age as. 

That week also gave her the opportunity to explore her new body. Despite feeling bad of now being in Greg’s body she was still kinda curious now that she had a dick. She couldn’t believe the raging hormones she now possessed. Her week just consisted of constant erections and loads of masturbating. She had to admit having a dick was kinda fun.

Vanessa was laying on her bed. Since its been a week she thought it would be a good idea to text Greg,”Hey whatcha up to?” A couple of minutes later Vanessa got a picture of her own sexy, mature body in the bathroom, smirking, tits on display. “Taking naked selfies and playing with your stash of dildos”, Greg texted back. A familiar sensation formed in Vanessa’s pants as she experienced another boner. “I can’t believe my own body is turning me on so much”, thought Vanessa. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the pic, her beautiful brunette hair and face, the lovely curves and leopard print panties and most of all them delicious, perky tits, and Greg was in control of it all. She immediately pulled off her pants and started stroking her young, throbbing cock. “At least were both having fun in our new bodies haha”, Vanessa said between breaths. Looking back and forth between her sexy face and drooling tits she was about to erupt when she got another text message off Greg. “Please tell me ur using your hot cock to beat off to a pic of me. It makes me so wet knowing my horny body now inhabits the mind of a sex-crazed, mature woman. I’ve got one hand squeezing my tit while the other is exploring my juicy cunt btw”. That was enough to push Vanessa over the edge as she grunted, blasting globs of hot, sticky spunk all over her bed. “Fuck, being a guy is so cool”, unknown to her, her daughter was at the door. “Mom that is so gross and fucked up, GOD!” Vanessa’s daughter said as she stormed off. Vanessa didn’t bother to cover herself up and just laughed. Greg texted again, “I love being in your sexy, mature body Vanessa. So glad you fingered yourself to me you filthy pervert. Just kidding haha. If you’re interested, which I know you are, can we try sex next time? Can’t stop thinking of my old hot cock ploughing this hungry cunt of mine. ;)” Vanessa grinned as she felt another boner forming.

Acting Strange

“Hey dad. How was work?” Mike asked his father. John looked at his wife “Dad? Since when you are calling me daddy again?” He smirked and embraced his wife. “Oh, i’m just joking around” Mike was panicking inside. John leaned to kiss his wife on the lips but Mike turned his head and ended up getting a kiss in the cheek. “I swear to God Lizzy, you’re acting strange lately. You and Mike” He said and pressed his wife closer to him. “You’re imagining things” Mike laughed and tried to get away but failed. 

He didn’t have the courage to tell his father that a week ago he was messing with his inventions and accidentally swapped bodies with his mom.

“Um… John” Mike started sweating when he felt his father’s hand caressing his butt. “You’ve been avoiding me lately. I don’t know what are you playing but i’m getting some of this ass today” John whispered into his ear. Mike squeaked when his dad picked him up. He warped his arms around his neck, afraid that he may drop him. “John, what about dinner? It will get cold” Mike was trying to get out form this situation as his father carried him to his parents bedroom. “Screw it. I’m going to eat you for dinner” John said and closed the door.

Pretending To Be Fatima (Requested By Frank99)


"Smile for the camera Mom", I said while possessing the beautiful and amazing body of my neighbour, Fatima(23).

Ever since I stumbled upon the app where one can possess someone's body by just adding a picture of the person and writing the full name of that person. I was thrilled to use it, and obviously my first choice was my University going neighbour, Fatima. Fatima was a very beautiful young lady whom I started having affection from the day I saw her. I took a screenshot of one of her pics from insta and uploaded it into the app with her full name, a setting popped up few minutes later asking if you want the target to think that he/she has always been in that body? Obviously I said yes. In just a matter of seconds I was in her body, she wore a cute little red top with skinny fit yoga pants.

Rake had always been fascinated by the life of an university student. As a blue-collar worker, he had never had the chance to attend college, but he had always dreamed of it. So when he found himself in the body of a university-going girl named Fatima all thanks to the app, he saw it as an opportunity to live the life he had always wanted.

One day while taking a shower his hands went down towards his pussy, as soon as he touched it a sense of pleasure ran down his spine. Few minutes later he was lying on the floor with hot juices flowing down his pussy. He knew that he had hit the jackpot in Fatima's body, and he was going to make the most of it. With each and every orgasm Rake began to get the memories of Fatima and soon he was now turning actually into Fatima.

At first, Rake was excited to explore Fatima's life. He went to classes, hung out with her friends, and even joined some student clubs. But as time went on, he realized that being a university student was much more challenging than he had anticipated. Fatima had to juggle her studies, social life, and extracurricular activities, and she was always under pressure to perform well.

However, Rake was determined to make the most of his time as Fatima. He pretended to be her, going to classes, submitting assignments on her behalf, and even meeting with professors. He was surprised by how easily he was able to fool everyone and he started to feel like he was living a double life.

Few days later as he was busy watching the TV he stumbled upon the news channel, the telecast was that of a news report about a tragic incident that has occurred at the local construction site. You watch in shock as the reporter describes how several workers were killed in a devastating accident that occurred earlier in the day. Rake immediately recognized the site. A few minutes later the news reporter started announcing the names of the people who had died on the spot. One of the name was that of Rake Kimberly. Rake was not much shocked after hearing it. Infact he was quite happy.

Rake soon realized that he was actually living Fatima's life, not just pretending to be her. He started to build real relationships with her friends and even began to fall in love with one of them. It was Shawn, when Fatima was originally in her body she had sort of an attraction towards Shawn. Fatima(From here on Rake is referred as Fatima) now started going on dates and trips with Shawn. On one such trip to a resort they both got pretty much wasted. Fatima was wearing a black sexy lingerie and on it she wore a black silk night gown. Shawn started moving closer towards Fatima and skillfully removed the gown which she was wearing. He undoed her lacy bra and started fondling her boobs, the nipples on Fatima's breasts poked with excitement. Shawn's right hand went down to rub Fatima's already wet pussy. Soon Fatima was on top of Shawn riding his erect dick and enjoying the sensations her aching pussy gave. Soon both Shawn and Fatima climaxed and needless to say it was the best orgasm they ever had.