Fat to Fit Part 1 (Request)

Kendra Lust

Janice, a woman who had struggled with obesity throughout her life, longed for a different existence where she could enjoy the benefits of a fit body. Tragically, one fateful day while crossing the street, she was struck by a truck and her life was abruptly cut short. However, Janice's journey was far from over.

Janice found herself transformed into a ghost, her unfulfilled wish still lingering. She wandered through the city and it wasn't long before she encountered her neighbor, Louise, a woman who seemed to embody the very essence of beauty and fitness.

Drawn by a powerful curiosity, Janice observed Louise as she prepared for her day. Louise's toned physique and chiseled abs left Janice in awe. Unable to resist the allure of her neighbor's new body, Janice's spirit seamlessly slipped into Louise's physical form. She began to explore every inch of this transformed vessel, starting with the once-bulging stomach that was now replaced by sculpted abdominal muscles.

As Janice gazed into a nearby mirror, she couldn't contain her amazement at the newfound strength and beauty that Louise possessed. It was a stark contrast to the body she had known in her previous life.

Overwhelmed by her emotions and newfound sensations, Janice didn't hesitate. She decided to embrace this unique opportunity. Her hands ventured further, exploring the sensuous velvety folds of her borrowed vagina, She felt a tingling, a peculiar sensation deep within her core. It was a sensation she had never experienced in her former self.

This intriguing feeling encouraged her to explore further, as she started fingering herself. Janice's ghostly curiosity was now intertwined with her new, electrifying experiences, as she embarked on a journey of self pleasure throughout the day. She orgasmed countless times throughout the day.

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