I Am All Sweaty (Request)


Brandi Love

"What do you think you are doing?" screamed Jake as he entered the gym.
Jake's wife, Amy, was really fat. Amy used to get made fun of by her friends because of her weight. She decided to join the gym, lose weight, and become a curvy milf. But only after going to the gym for 2 days did she soon stop going to the gym. The reason? She was a lazy bitch.

One day she was scrolling through Instagram, and she stumbled upon a body hopper's account. The body hopper claimed that he would hop their bodies, go to the gym, and lose some weight for them. Amy found it to be intriguing, so she immediately asked Jake to lend her some money for hiring the hopper. Jake thought it would be great if his wife would look fit and sexy, and he would be able to flaunt her in front of his colleagues and friends. He agreed to it.

A few days later, Amy contacted the hopper, and he started going to the gym, and the results were pretty much visible. Jake was happy with it. But after a few days, the hopper started spending more and more time at the gym. Soon Jake started to become suspicious, and one day he decided to visit the gym where his wife/hopper was.
Just as he entered the gym, he saw the hopper lowering his wife's skirt while being drenched in sweat. "What do you think you are doing?" screamed Jake. "What does it look like? I am all drenched in sweat from all the exercise I was doing a few minutes ago, and now I am about to take a shower," the hopper explained. Jake was not at all convinced by the absurd explanation the hopper just gave. 
But he didn't say anything to the hopper at that moment; he just returned back to the gym in the evening and gave the security guard a $100 bill in return for seeing the CCTV footage. The guard happily agreed.
What Jake saw was much more than what he had expected.
He saw the hopper having full-on sex with the gym trainer. He saw his wife's pussy getting rammed hard by the trainer. He soon realised why his wife was all sweaty and what exercise the hopper was referring to. And that when he entered the gym, the hopper wasn't actually lowering the skirt but putting it on back after having some of the best orgasms in his life. Soon enough, he stopped hiring the hopper. Amy knew nothing about this, and Jake was planning on keeping it that way.

P.S. : Sorry for being inactive for months I was not in a good condition. This past few months have been the worst months of my life. Writing caps was the thing which I found pleasure in and here I am doing it again!


  1. Glad to see you back, and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Welcome back! And amazing caption! Just a quick idea if your up for it! I was thinking of a story where a man’s wife is acting strange and she finally lets him know that she’s actually a mobster possessing her body and using it to pay back the debt owed by the husband.

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    1. Brandi Love
      I usually mention the name of the model in the title of image.