James was a young man in his 20's ,who enjoyed reading and writing stories. James had a twin sister named Stephanie who used to think of this stuff as boring. One day while wandering around the downtown he came across a quill and a journal which rather looked fascinating to him it was as if the journal was calling was calling James towards itself. James picked up the quill and the journal and took it back home. When he tried to use the quill to write in the journal a burst of information went into his head. He came to know that the journal and the quill were magical and he can make anything possible just by writing it in the magical journal. 

He tried to tell it to her sister but she made fun of him and laughed about it. James started laughing and started writing in the journal. "TURN MY HOUSE INTO A MAGICAL CASTLE" 

Both Stephanie and James were shocked about it,as the house started changing into a magical castle step by step. "GET SOME PIZZA AND COKE ON MY NEW DINING TABLE",he again wrote. James was thrilled by the changes that were taking place because of the journal.

James then switched his and Stephanie's bodies. Stephanie who was laughing in the beginning was now crying. James then sent Stephanie who was in his body to the dungeons in the castle. 

James then decided to make himself eternally young and charming and started looking for a girlfriend. He eventually led on a very happy and comfortable life with the use of his magical journal and a quill. From being a man who never had happiness in his life to being a man with only happiness in his life.