Party Games


“Are you ready, Sam?” asked Amber as she gently teased open his labia.

Jenny held his hand for support.

“Please…. do it for me,” whispered Sam’s sister Sarah in his ear.

Sam nodded his head and bit his lower lip as Amber began to fondle his pussy. Sam could hardly believe that this was happening. Just a few short hours ago he was just a normal guy.

But when he saw that none of his sister Sarah’s friends were coming to her birthday party he felt sorry for her and used the Medallion of Zulo to become her female guest. Sarah was pleasantly surprised. She was happy to have a girl to spend time with on her special day and shocked that Sam would make that kind of sacrifice for her. She was deeply touched to have such a caring sibling.

Sarah was even more shocked when her friends finally showed up. Apparently it was supposed to be some kind of surprise party. Sam felt out of place, but Sarah’s friends Jenny and Amber quickly welcomed the new girl to their group.

Sam quickly learned that the girls were all lesbians, including his sister. He never would have guessed that about his sister, but then again he made a point to never pry into her sex life. It didn’t bother him. In fact, he felt a little more relaxed around them. But their party games were a tad too wild for his taste. The hard drinking, the kissing, the nudity – he never suspected his sister was that bold and uninhibited. He quietly nursed a drink on the sidelines as the girls enjoyed their daring games and debauchery.

Then it was his turn. Apparently the new girl was always welcomed into the fold with an initiation of oral sex by the other girls. Sam tried to wave it off, claiming he was a virgin. But this just only seemed to encourage Amber, who loved to break in new girls. Shy girls were apparently a real turn on for her.

Sarah was embarrassed by the prudish behavior of her guest. She begged Sam to do it for her, as her birthday present. She said the other girls really liked him, and it would hurt their feelings if he rejected them. Sam reluctantly agreed, and the girls began to prepare his body with excitement.

“You won’t regret this, I promise,” said Sarah happily.

“Yeah, I haven’t had any complaints so far, ” said Amber with a smile. She looked at his vagina with fascination and lust.

“So pretty, ” said Amber, as she tickled his clit with her nimble tongue.

Sam jumped a bit in shock. It was so sensitive! He hadn’t expected it to feel so good.

Amber giggled a little at his reaction.

“You are so adorable. So innocent and sweet. I may just have to keep you after this, ” said Amber with a smile. “Now just relax and enjoy it. Trust me, I know what I am doing.”

Amber gave Jenny and Sarah a knowing look. They moved to hold Sam’s hands and legs while she worked. Sam breathed deeply and tried to control himself as Amber sent waves of pleasure rocketing through his body. After he recovered from the intensity of his first female orgasm, Sam realized that Sarah was right. He didn’t regret it. In fact, he was now much more eager to join in the other party games.

After the party Sam could not find the Medallion of Zulo. Sarah swore she had nothing to do with its disappearance, but Sam couldn’t help but notice how pleased she was that he was trapped as her sister. Sarah was looking forward to shopping together and sharing girl talk.

Amber was even more pleased that Sam stuck around. In just a few weeks they were dating, regularly enjoying their own private party games.


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