Foolish Games


John pulled up his sweatpants quickly, trying to cover his plump, luscious ass.

“Okay, I did it. Can I change back now?” asked John nervously.

“Yeah, you won. You can change back when we return to the apartment,” said Rick, putting away the phone he had used to snap a picture of John’s naked ass in the grocery store.

After discovering the vial of magic elixir, the two friends had changed into women repeatedly. But after a while it grew dull, and they decided to spice it up by creating challenging dares for one another in their transformed bodies. Rick had spent last night working as a stripper in a night club. John’s dare had been simpler – he just had to flash his ass to Rick in a supermarket.

But as they were leaving, they ran into a problem. They were surprised to see two large policemen waiting to greet them.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid you will have to come with us. Public indecency is a crime, ” said the officer.

“Are you arresting me?” John asked with shock.

The officer nodded.

“Don’t worry. I am sure you will make bail in the morning. Or you can wait for the trial. The judge will probably just make you pay a fine and let you go, ” said the officer.

John paled and looked at Rick. He, too, looked nervous. They both knew if you didn’t take the antidote within a certain amount of time, the change would be permanent.

“No, I can’t go, ” said John as he fought to get past the officers.

But his small body was no match for their buff, muscular ones. They dragged him kicking and screaming to the squad car.

“Come on, miss. Don’t want to add resisting arrest to the charges,” said the officer calmly.

Rick watched the squad car drive away, taking his friend to the police station. He felt a little guilty. Rick had to help John, to get the antidote to him somehow. But how could he get in to see him?

Then it hit him. Rick could just change into a woman and get arrested, too. Then he could sneak the antidote in with him when he they put him in the holding cell with John. It was the perfect plan!

Rick ran back to their apartment. He didn’t have much time. The only thing Rick had to decide was what kind of crime he was going to commit. Well, that and what kind of sexy girl he wanted to become.

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