Cheaper Than Tickets


“Come on, I know I don’t have tickets but I do have these.” He flashed his mother’s breasts letting security get a full view. “What do say boys, can I get in?”

Jonas’s favorite band, The Bulldogs, were coming to his town and he wanted to go desperately. The problem was the tickets were $300, and as a 15 year old without a job he couldn’t find a way to come up with that much money. The day of the concert he went to the mall, hoping to but something that could keep his mind off the concert. He ran into an old gypsy woman selling trinkets by the entrance.

“What is wrong young man? You seemed troubled.” She said staring at him with intense and curious eyes.

“There is a concert tonight and I don’t have the money for it.” He said glumly. “Without money or tickets there is no way I can get in.” She pondered for a moment and said, “Not without something else to show off or trade but as a boy you have nothing you could give anyway. As a woman you could probably get inside that concert.”

“What are you saying?” He said curious about the woman’s message.

She rummaged through her stores and pulled out a small necklace. “This is the Medallion of Zulo, an artifact that when worn can make anyone into a temporary version of another person. All you have to do is wear a bit of their clothing. I will give it to you for $5, since you seem short on money.”

He looked at the necklace suspiciously, he didn’t really believe the woman. But he decided to pay her the money anyway just to help her out. “I put this on and wear someone’s clothes and I will become them?”

“Yes although it only lasts about 12 hours so use the time wisely.” She said as she went back to her wares.

Later as Jonas got home, he though about what the woman said. “A woman would be able to get in a concert easily, all she would have to do is act slutty and show some tits.”. He held the medallion in his hand and though about what he would do if it did work. The only woman who lived in his house was his mom and she wasn’t exactly stunning. She looked good for being almost 40 but he though if she tried she could get backstage to a concert. Shaking his head at the idea he though “What the hell?” and decided to try the medallion.

10 minutes later he was naked in his mom’s bedroom wearing the medallion and slipping on a pair of her panties. He pulled them up enjoying the softness of the material on his crotch, and looked in the mirror and laughed at himself. “What am I doing? This is ridiculous.” As he said this he felt something brush past his eyes, it was hair but long and dirty blonde. As he reached to grab it he looked at his hands and saw they were smaller more feminine and then he felt more changes. He felt his torso suck inwards and hip expand slightly making an hourglass shape, he felt his ass inflate, and he looked down to see two boobs grow on his chest. Lastly, he felt a pressure in his groin and then suddenly felt nothing at all. Shocked he looked in the mirror and saw his mom standing there in nothing but a pair on panties. He looked just liker her, “Freaky” he said in his mom’s bright voice.

He looked down to the breasts hanging from his chest and he put his new hands over them and squeezed. He sighed at the feelings it caused and thought to himself, “With tits like these I may be able to get in the concert after all!” He rushed around his mom’s room looking for her most revealing outfits settling on a leopard crop top, tight low cut jeans, 4 inch heels, and even his mom’s old belly button ring. After roughing up her hair and applying some lipstick he looked at his handiwork and thought he looked like just like groupie. He then rushed to the concert to see if his plan would work.

Now he stood in front of security, the large men staring at his exposed chest. After conferring amongst themselves, they said “Come on cutie we can get you a back stage pass. For a price.”

He looked at them unsure of what they meant. “What do you want?”

They looked at each other and looked at him, “Jerk us off and let us cum on those tits and you’ll have the best seat in the house.”

Jonas looked down at his borrowed body, weighing his options. This seemed unfair and a little shady but he didn’t have any other way in. Besides after wearing this body for a little he was beginning to enjoying the male attention it brought. He was beginning to like the feel of swaying hips, his breasts bouncing, and being an older beauty. This could be a once and a lifetime experience and no one other than himself would ever know.

He licked his lips, grabbed each one of the men by the arm and followed them backstage. “It’s a deal, let’s just get this finished before the show starts.”